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Welcome to the Leadership Empowerment Resources Multimedia page. Below you will find audio and video from many of the various seminars and conferences the Meyers conduct in Europe, Asia and Africa. We trust they will be educational, empowering, inspiring and enriching. Utilizing these multimedia resources can help you utilize your driving or work time and increase your effectiveness and level of influence. May God help you become abundantly fruitful in His eyes. Watch new videos of Lessons for Leaders from the Life of David.



The fifteen sessions of the Leadership Empowerment Conference were recorded in Israel on location at fifteen different historical and biblical sites. Each beautiful and instructional site is explained briefly and sessions are generally divided into two segments. You will find each of the sessions listed below for your viewing pleasure.

Leadership Empowerment Conference Series - Audio

A Leadership Empowerment Conference typically consists of three days of five teaching hours per day. The fifteen teachings in this series were recorded in a recording studio. The contents of these presentations are the same as the fifteen-hour three-day live presentations usually done in a community-wide inter-church Leadership Empowerment Conference.

Supersurvival - Audio

In October and November of 2010 I fought for my life. I had malaria. Each of the nine chapters of the book I wrote upon recovery has focused on one major lesson God taught me toward becoming a super-survivor. My reflections on these lessons, my sickness and time in the hospital have convinced me that each of us has opportunities to become a super-survivor.

Rise to Seek Him - Audio

Join the author of Rise to Seek Him as we learn powerful lessons about prayer. The order is designed so that each concept helps prepare the listener for the following lessons as the story unfolds. However, each chapter has enough of its own emphases that the audios do not necessarily have to be listened to in sequence.



These three videos were created in Northern Israel in and around the Sea of Galilee. The spiritual lessons we draw from the experience of the disciples' trip across the Sea of Galilee one night provide a realistic setting to learn how God will also bring us through the storms He allows.

Audio Series

Character Development Conference Series

The writers of the Bible speak to us with their words and the Bible’s characters speak to us with their lives. Some of their messages are so powerful, their actions need only a few observations to bring to light the spiritual inspiration and brilliant insight the human writers and the divine Writer intended. Here are twenty-five lives you may examine and from which you can learn.

Habits of Highly Effective Christians - Audio

In these recordings you have the opportunity to listen to the author of Habits of Highly Effective Christians read to you the introduction and seventeen chapters of his first book. You will notice a wide range of subject addressed. And each chapter has enough of its own emphases that the audios do not necessarily have to be listened to in sequence.

Lessons For Leaders from David - Audio

This series of lessons from the life of David were first presented to the English congregation of Tulsa Chinese Christian Church in 2004. Subsequently I was asked to present them in Nigeria in March of 2011. The series focuses on the training period of David's life recorded in I Samuel 16 through 21:9. However, it begins with an overview of David's life lessons and concludes by addressing the important issue of accountability from II Samuel chapters 13 through 19.

Understanding God's Ways - Audio

God’s ways are higher and, therefore, different than our ways. When we know how God works, we can work better with Him. The more perfectly we understand His ways, the more perfectly we are able to cooperate with His plan and assist in the fulfillment of His purposes. These recorded lessons from Scripture will help the listener better understand God’s ways. It is our prayer that your Christian influence level will consequently increase.

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